Adobe-readable tags conversion for CMF-funded DM projects

Toronto, August 2, 2017 – As announced in November of 2016, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) is continuing the process of amending all active Rich and Substantial Digital Media tags in order to comply with the technical specifications of the Adobe suite of products. The CMF is committed to continue making improvements to its audience data gathering methods. This allows the CMF to measure success, ensuring the market-driven system is responsive to industry and consumer needs. 

In order to remain in compliance with their contractual obligations to the CMF, producers and broadcasters of all active CMF-funded digital media projects must add the new Adobe-readable tag, starting August 2017 with full transition by mid-September 2017. Technical staff at production companies and Canadian broadcasters with CMF-funded digital media projects can access the following web portal to download the tags and access instructions:

This portal is an all-in-one, solution providing three options that will fit each project. Technical and web staff at broadcasters and production companies with CMF-funded projects can follow a few easy steps to add the Adobe-readable tag. CMF Staff will be in contact with producers shortly with detailed instructions. 

This change comes as a result of Adobe’s acquisition of comScore Digital Analytix, the CMF’s previous provider. Adobe and comScore will work together to ensure that the business-critical workflows that Digital Analytix customers—such as the CMF—rely upon are not disrupted. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding this process, please contact the CMF at:

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