Futur et Médias Podcast Special Episode: CMF Trends Visits SXSW

Whoever seeks to determine the current state of technological innovation knows that the SXSW conference in Texas is the event to attend. Over the space of ten or so days, more than 400,000 delegates from a hundred or so countries rub elbows with some 2,100 speakers, without mentioning representatives from a plethora of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups seeking to redefine the rules of the game.

What are Canadian businesses from the entertainment and audiovisual production sectors finding there? We sent our own Director of Industry and Market Trends, Catherine Mathys, down to Austin—mic in hand—to find out.

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Catching up with Canadians at SXSW

A transcript of this episode will be uploaded here within the next few days.

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Futur et médias is a podcast featuring in-depth interviews with experts who take a closer look at emerging trends and the digital transformation of the media and entertainment industries. Futur et médias is produced by the Canada Media Fund and hosted by the organization’s Director of Industry and Market Trends, Catherine Mathys.

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