How social networks influence television

On August 6, 2013, US-based polling firm Nielsen announced the first study of its kind providing statistical evidence that Twitter has a certain level of influence on TV ratings. The study did not win unanimous support in the community, so we met with several stakeholders in the TV industry to get their opinion on the matter in this Trendscape blog post.

We discussed the social TV phenomenon with Laurent Maisonnave, founder of Montreal-based Seevibes, a firm specializing in measuring the social audience of television in Canada.

English transcript of this video interview available.

In this clip, Laurent Maisonnave answers the following questions:

  • Why measure and analyse the influence of social media on television, and how is it done?
  • Does a show’s social media presence actually increase the size of its audience?
  • What are the benefits for producers and broadcasters?
  • Who does Seevibes do business with? How much does this kind of service cost?
  • What does the future of social TV hold?

Patrick Dion
By turns programmer, editor, columnist, journalist, filmmaker and author, Patrick Dion was propelled into cyberspace in 1995. He frequently works on a wide range of radio and TV programs.
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