Méta-Média: the post-mobile era and immersive experiences

France-based Méta-Média published at the beginning of June the 2016 spring/summer issue of its trendbook titled Tendances sur l’évolution des médias : au-delà du mobile.

This 11th issue of the trendbook leads us into the post-mobile era, an era dominated by automated interfaces and conversational bots—behind which applications disappear—and in which users are encouraged to live new incredibly immersive experiences in replacement of simple 2D storytelling.

In many respects, as is noted in the document, (virtual) reality surpasses (science fiction). [translation] “Let us also recall how the industrial revolution explained several predictions that had been made by Leonardo da Vinci and Jules Verne. Today’s digital revolution is currently confirming the intuitions of our finest science-fiction authors, screenwriters and directors.”

Once again, the trendbook provides useful information and indicators for creators and content producers in line with themes that concern them: new media scripts inspired by virtual reality, new man/machine interactions, where intelligent products enable consumers to live personalized experiences, or the disappearance of borders between television and online video.

Happy reading!

All prior semi-annual issues are available free of charge (in French only) on Méta-Média’s website.

This article was initially published on Méta-Média and is republished under an editing partnership between Méta-Media and CMF Trends. © [2016] [Méta-Média] All rights reserved.

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