Now & Next Podcast S2E5 – How to Make Audiovisual Production Environmentally Sustainable

Green Spark Group founder and president Zena Harris joins Leora Kornfeld to share some best practices when it comes to greening productions of all shapes and sizes.

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Audiovisual Production Goes Greener 

If you’ve ever seen a TV show or film set on location, you know that production—with its rows of trucks and trailers, power generators, and catering services—is often the equivalent of a small city setting up shop.

A quick tally makes it obvious that non-trivial amounts of waste and greenhouse gases are generated on any set. As people become more environmentally conscious, anything and everything from plastic cutlery to idling vehicles become opportunities to implement sustainable production practices.

This episode of Now & Next deals with the greening of film and TV production with Zena Harris, a sustainability expert and the president of Green Spark Group. She says that the growing call for more sustainable practices is coming from both crews and studios, with the new production habits including everything from reviewing craft services to using real plates and cutlery and dishwashers on location and to incorporating reusable materials to build and decorate sets.

In this episode, Zena Harris:

  • Tracks the origins of growing worries over environmental sustainability on TV and film sets (1:54)
  • Explains some key contributors to a production's environmental footprint (5:33)
  • Demonstrates that productions of all sizes and shapes can go the green route (11:50)
  • Points to industry leaders to keep tabs on (13:13)

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