Now & Next Podcast E02 – Pacific Content on the Audio Renaissance

What’s fuelling the podcast boom? In this episode, we take a closer look behind the scenes of this audio renaissance with Steve Pratt and Dan Misener of the BC-based podcasting company Pacific Content.

When most of us weren’t looking, audio made major strides toward becoming a new force in the media landscape, in the form of podcasting.
Now, instead of being transmitted through radio frequencies, audio is being delivered over the Internet. But this is about more than just a change of delivery mechanism, it’s a change in what’s possible when schedules, formats and regional audiences can be worked around.

It took over a dozen years from the time the technology was created until it hit any sort of critical mass, but podcasting is today an undeniable phenomenon. Not only that but its tentacles are expanding beyond audio into adjacent industries, with podcasts being spun off into other media formats, including TV shows and feature films.

In this episode, we met with Steve Pratt and Dan Misener of the Vancouver-based podcasting company Pacific Content, one of a new generation of companies that are poised to seize the new opportunities opening up in the world of on-demand audio.

In this episode we talk about:
• What’s behind the podcasting renaissance (4:25);
• The challenge of getting people who have never listened to a podcast to do just that (13:55);
• Podcasts being turned into TV shows and other formats (21:15);
• Investors’ increasing interest in podcasting (26:20).

Here’s an extract of the interview. Full transcript of the conversation is also available.

"There's a huge amount of opportunity right now and the barrier to entry is so low and that there are increasing number of ears on this medium. And places like Hollywood are looking to podcasting or audio storytelling almost like a farm team, right? If you're looking for original IP that you might license or auction for a movie or for a television series, radio and audio is a relatively low cost way to experiment and try new ideas. And I have seen that up close and personal just in the attendance of industry events over the past couple of years." – Dan Misener, Head of Audience Development at Pacific Content 

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