Roguelike Meets Interactive Storytelling in Subaeria

Subaeria, Studio iLLOGIKA’s second production, is a roguelike/interactive storytelling game where players survive by using trickery to turn their enemies against each other. Valentine Dessertenne, the communications director of the studio, explains the inspiration behind Subaeria in a recent interview.

Subaeria is a clever mix of action and puzzle where players must escape from an underwater city by navigating a maze. With no combat skills or access to weapons, players must get through this universe by tricking their enemies into turning against each other.

For the studio’s second production, iLLOGIKA’s creators wanted to explore the exciting possibilities that arise from combining interactive storytelling with roguelike game mechanics.

“There’s a lot of potential in the game’s opportunities to choose different directions. Players can choose one path and then replay the game in a totally different way thanks to not only the procedural environment, but the narrative possibilities as well.”
– Valentine Dessertenne, communications director

Watch the interview:

The game is available on early release at Steam (Windows).

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