T-Commerce Broken Down

Some of you may have heard of T-commerce but do you understand how it really works? With tablets and mobiles (plus the rise of Smart TV’s) becoming a common household item, the action of buying what you watch on TV isn’t so far fetched.

In this two-part interview, we talk with Isabelle Sullivan at Montreal’s LVL Studio on the methods, opportunities, costs and setup of T-commerce possibilities paired with broadcast programs. And for those of you who wish to dig a little deeper, the second part of the interview offers a more in depth discussion on the types of business models and practices that have existed in T-commerce.

Part 1: What is T-Commerce:

  • Introductions
  • What is t-commerce + examples
  • 3 ways to go about it (out of box solution, completely customized and sweet middle)
  • How much does it cost to incorporate this

Part 2: The common business practices and models of T-Commerce:

  • Examples of business relationship with the broadcaster; the brand and the content producer.
  • What kind of opportunities are available with T-commerce?
  • How much in advance should producers think about incorporating this?

Thanks to Isabelle Sullivan from LVL Studio for her participation.

To see some real life examples that already exists online, we have pulled a short list of some T-Commerce linked shows from our research:

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