The many faces of second-screen applications

Second-screen applications are the talk of the TV industry this season. Dozens of shows now have their own app for mobile devices or laptops, in Canada and other parts of the world as well. A number of Canadian digital content producers, such as LVL StudioVersion 10Akufen and Mobovivo (to name just a few), have made developing these apps the focus of their business.

In addition to being an app developer, LVL Studio is also a technology provider. The company’s Purple platform is a combination of various television services, from synchronized second-screen applications to automatic content recognition, also known as ACR technology. We met with the firm’s president and founder, Jean-François Gagnon, to ask him our laundry list of questions on the topic.


  • What is Purple and what technology does LVL use?
  • What benefits do viewers get from using a second-screen application?
  • How do you integrate these apps into the production flow?
  • What different technologies do you use, and what benefits and challenges do they present?
  • How much do your services cost?

Patrick Dion
By turns programmer, editor, columnist, journalist, filmmaker and author, Patrick Dion was propelled into cyberspace in 1995. He frequently works on a wide range of radio and TV programs.
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