Crowdfunding platforms accessible to Canadians

Below is a list of Crowdfunding platforms that are accessible to Canadians. The platforms featured on this list are those that are most relevant to creative content projects, either because they accept or specifically feature creative content projects.

Disclaimer: This directory is provided for informational purposes only. Inclusion in this directory does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by the CMF or Nordicity. Users should conduct their own due diligence before deciding to use a platform.

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NameLocationWebsiteFocusJurisdictionFunding ModelBaseAdditional FeaturesFee Structurehf:tax:basehf:tax:trend-locationhf:tax:jurisdictionhf:tax:focushf:tax:funding-model
Alberta BoostRAlbertaVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation Model (reward-based)Canadian

A platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Alberta.

Offers coaching and guidance through monthly Crowdfunding 101 workshops in Calgary and Edmonton.

Offers a team of supportive advisors entrepreneurs can reach out to before, during and after their crowdfunding journey.

If a project is successfully funded, Alberta BoostR applies a 1.1% fee to the funds collected if the user is an ATB Business customer, or a 5.1% fee if the user is not an ATB Business customer.

The payments processor Stripe will also apply payment processing fees (2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction).

If funding isn’t successful, there are no fees.

canadianalbertaglobalgeneral-purposeall-or-nothing-funding donation-model-reward-based
BabeldoorFranceVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation ModelForeign

120-day campaign length recommended

Single donation campaign: 7% fee

For all other campaigns, commission (collected only on successful campaigns): 5% + platform’s actual banking fees

foreignfranceglobalgeneral-purposeall-or-nothing-funding donation-model
Cuban HatQuebecVisit SiteDocumentary FilmsCanadian Projects OnlyDonation ModelCanadian

Contest-style documentary crowdfunding. The “hat” includes contributions in cash and in kind from industry partners and private donors. Creators then prepare a pitch for their documentary idea and the public votes via a two-stage voting process (online and via a live event). The winners receive the “hat”.

No fees

DonorhutManitobaVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalCustomizable (white-label crowdfunding software), Keep-What-You-Raise FundingCanadian
  • 2.1% fee per donation
  • Third party payment transaction fee
  • No set-up costs
  • Accept donations in all currencies
canadianmanitobaglobalgeneral-purposecustomizable-white-label-crowdfunding-software keep-what-you-raise-funding
FigUSAVisit SiteVideo gamesGlobalDonation Model, Investment ModelForeign

FIG is a curated platform for funding and developing games that brings together rewards-based crowdfunding and investing. Only one or two campaigns, picked by the advisory board, are live at any time.

According to the terms of the license agreement.

foreignusaglobalvideo-gamesdonation-model investment-model
FrontFundrBritish Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova ScotiaVisit SiteStartups, including Arts & Entertainment startupsCanadian Projects OnlyAll-or-nothing funding, Investment ModelCanadian

FrontFundr is an equity crowdfunding platform.

Campaign fees consist of an onboarding fee and a success fee. The onboarding fee is dependent on the services provided by FrontFundr during a raise, while the success fee is conditional fee charged on a successful raise and is based on a percentage of the overall funds raised. Onboarding fees start at $3,000 and closing fees range between 6-8% cash and warrants.

canadianbritish-columbia alberta saskatchewan manitoba ontario quebec new-brunswick nova-scotiacanadian-projects-onlystartups-including-arts-entertainment-startupsall-or-nothing-funding investment-model
FundRazrBritish ColumbiaVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalDonation Model (reward-based), Keep-What-You-Raise FundingCanadian

5% of all funds raised
2.9% + $0.30 per transaction in PayPal fees

canadianbritish-columbiaglobalgeneral-purposedonation-model-reward-based keep-what-you-raise-funding
HaricotQuebecVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation Model (reward-based)Canadian
  • 5% of all funds for projects that meet or exceed funding goal
  • Subject to additional applicable PayPal user fees
canadianquebecglobalgeneral-purposeall-or-nothing-funding donation-model-reward-based
IndiegogoUSAVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalDonation Model (reward-based), Choice of all-or-nothing funding or Keep-what-you-raise fundingForeign
  • Indiegogo’s platform fee on all funds raised is 5%
  • 3 to 5% third party payment transaction fee
  • Non-US campaigns could be subject to a $25 ‘wire fee’
  • Currency exchange fees may also apply
foreignusaglobalgeneral-purposedonation-model-reward-based choice-of-all-or-nothing-funding-or-keep-what-you-raise-funding
iPledgAustraliaVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation Model (reward-based)Foreign
  • 5.5% on all funds raised
  • Subject to PayPal processing fees of 2.4% + $0.30 per pledge
foreignaustraliaglobalgeneral-purposeall-or-nothing-funding donation-model-reward-based
Karolina FundIcelandVisit SiteArtistic & Creative ProjectsGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation Model (reward-based)Foreign
  • 5.6% on all funds raised
  • Subject to applicable Credit Card and PayPal transaction fees
foreignicelandglobalartistic-creative-projectsall-or-nothing-funding donation-model-reward-based
KatipultAlbertaVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalCustomizable (white-label crowdfunding software), Investment ModelCanadian

Launch your own branded crowdfunding platfrom within weeks.

  • Setup and license fee.
  • No transaction fees.
canadianalbertaglobalgeneral-purposecustomizable-white-label-crowdfunding-software investment-model
KickstarterUSAVisit SiteGeneral Purpose (mainly creative projects)GlobalAll-or-nothing funding

If a project is successfully funded, Kickstarter applies a 5% fee to the funds collected. The payments processor will also apply payment processing fees (roughly 3-5%).

If funding isn’t successful, there are no fees.

kisskissbankbankFranceVisit SiteArtistic & Creative ProjectsGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation Model (reward-based)Foreign
  • 8% on all funds raised (for successful projects)
foreignfranceglobalartistic-creative-projectsall-or-nothing-funding donation-model-reward-based
La RucheQuebecVisit SiteGeneral PurposeQuebec projects onlyAll-or-nothing funding, Donation ModelCanadian

A platform where projects must contribute to the enlightenment of a region. Either through its theme, or by hiring a local workforce, establishing a business locally, or any other relevant way. (Quebec City and Montreal in June 2016, other regions to come)

  • If a project is successfully funded, La Ruche applies a 7% fee (plus taxes) to the funds collected.
  • If funding isn’t successful, there are no fees.
  • Subject to applicable PayPal transaction fees
canadianquebecquebec-projects-onlygeneral-purposeall-or-nothing-funding donation-model
MimoonaIsraelVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalDonation Model (reward-based), Choice of all-or-nothing funding or Keep-what-you-raise fundingForeign

Projects must be submitted in Hebrew (they will assist with English-Hebrew translation)

  • All-or-nothing model: 9% on all funds raised
  • Keep-what-you-raise model: 12% on all funds raised
  • Subject to applicable transaction and/or currency conversion fees
foreignisraelglobalgeneral-purposedonation-model-reward-based choice-of-all-or-nothing-funding-or-keep-what-you-raise-funding
Movies AngelsFranceVisit SiteFilmsGlobalHybrid Model: Donation (reward based) & Investment (profit-sharing)Foreign
  • Bewtween 6% and 10% of all funds raised (for successful campaigns) degressive based upon the amount raised. If objective is not reached, 1.5% of total raised
  • Possible share of the film’s box office revenue
NewJellyNorwayVisit SiteArtistic & Creative ProjectsGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation Model (reward-based)Foreign
  • 6-10% fee from all projects that reach their goal, plus PayPal and Payex fees
foreignnorwayglobalartistic-creative-projectsall-or-nothing-funding donation-model-reward-based
PatreonUSAVisit SiteArtistic & Creative ProjectsGlobalDonation Model (reward-based), Keep-What-You-Raise FundingForeign

Recurring funding for artists and creators (subscription-based crowdfunding).

Patreon takes 5% of what the patrons pledge. The payments processor will also apply payment processing fees (2% for a canadian creator receiving payment via PayPal).

foreignusaglobalartistic-creative-projectsdonation-model-reward-based keep-what-you-raise-funding
PozibleAustraliaVisit SiteArtistic & Creative ProjectsGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation Model (reward-based)Foreign
  • 5% commission on all funds raised (4% for specified partner organizations and returning successful applicants)
  • Additional 2.4%-3.4% + $0.30 per transaction PayPal transaction fee
foreignaustraliaglobalartistic-creative-projectsall-or-nothing-funding donation-model-reward-based
RockethubUSAVisit SiteGeneral Purpose (Arts, Business, Science and Social Good projects)GlobalKeep-What-You-Raise Funding, Donation Model (reward-based)Foreign
  • 4% on all funds raised if funding goal is reached, 8% on all funds raised if goal is not reached
  • 4% credit card handling fee
foreignusaglobalgeneral-purpose-arts-business-science-and-social-good-projectskeep-what-you-raise-funding donation-model-reward-based
SeedUpsQuebec, British Columbia, Alberta, OntarioVisit SiteStartups, including Arts & Entertainment startupsAll-or-nothing funding, Investment ModelCanadian

On SeedUps Canada, you raise capital in exchange for shares in your Company. All profiled companies must prepare an Offering Memorandum, provide financial statements and comply with securities regulations in accordance with NI 45-106.

You will pay a success fee based on the amount raised, but only if you are successful and only on the completion of the deal. Fees are generally consistent with traditional investment banking fees for similar transactions.

canadianquebec british-columbia alberta ontariostartups-including-arts-entertainment-startupsall-or-nothing-funding investment-model
StarteedItalyVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation Model, Investment ModelForeign

Combines a crowdfunding site with an e-marketplace to sell products created through the site.

Contributors earn ‘influence’ which influences the share of the revenues they earn from the sale of products which they have supported.

  • 5% commission on all funds raised for successful projects
  • 10% share of revenue for items sold through the e-store
foreignitalyglobalgeneral-purposeall-or-nothing-funding donation-model investment-model
ThrinaciaBritish ColumbiaVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalCustomizable (white-label crowdfunding software)Canadian
  • Portal Reports providing detailed overview on active, finished and other campaigns;
  • Portal Settings allowing to fully control all aspects of the website;
  • Advanced Campaign Management allowing to feature and promote, approve, disapprove, remove, close and alter any campaign on the website;
  • Page Content Management features allowing to manage any pages on the website;
  • Advanced Email Notification management interface.
  • Subscription plans per month;
  • No setup fee;
  • 14 days free trial plan available for new customers;
  • Custom development options are available;
  • Portals are usually setup within an hour during regular business hours;
  • Offer the development or customers can bring their own developers.
TouscoprodFranceVisit SiteFilmsGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation Model (reward-based)Foreign

Also included in the offer:

  • VOD distribution of the movie,
  • “Private sessions” (in HD and ad free).

A commission of 8% including VAT of the amount raised by the campaign (5% of the total amount + 3% fee on transactions), nothing if a project doesn’t reach its target.

foreignfranceglobalfilmsall-or-nothing-funding donation-model-reward-based
UluleQuebec, France, SpainVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalAll-or-nothing funding

Ulule’s commission for succesfull projects that collect money in another currency than euro is 6.67% (value added tax non included) for all funds received by credit card and 4.17 (VAT non included) for all funds received by check or via Paypal.

For projects that collect funds in euro, Ulule’s commission rate for collected funds inferior to a total amount of €100 000 is of:

  • 6.67% (value added tax non included) for all funds received by credit card,
  • 4.17 (VAT non included) for all funds received by check or via Paypal.

No commission is applied if ever a project does not reach its objective.

quebec france spainglobalgeneral-purposeall-or-nothing-funding
VerkamiSpainVisit SiteArtistic & Creative ProjectsGlobalAll-or-nothing funding, Donation Model (reward-based)Foreign
  • 5% on all funds raised
  • Subject to applicable bank transaction fees (1.5-3%)
foreignspainglobalartistic-creative-projectsall-or-nothing-funding donation-model-reward-based
YoyomoloQuebecVisit SiteGeneral PurposeGlobalDonation Model, Keep-What-You-Raise FundingCanadian

Peer-to-peer funding

  • 6.9% transaction fee (taxes included). A Pro version is avalaible for $99/month (Minimum commitment of 12 months)
canadianquebecglobalgeneral-purposedonation-model keep-what-you-raise-funding


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