How Canadians select audiovisual content

This study explores how Canadians select the TV series and films they watch.

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This study explores how Canadians select the TV series and films they watch. This report is based on Canadian consumer insights established through eight focus group discussions held in Sherbrooke (Quebec), Montreal (Quebec), Toronto (Ontario) and Vancouver (British Columbia).

Key conclusions to this study are:

  1. Regarding content consumption, the shift to on-demand, ad-free viewing is confirming.
  2. The distinction between feature films and series worlds is increasingly blurred, to the benefit of series viewing.
  3. Most movies are watched at home, a choice considered to be relatively not complex and dependant on mood. Movie-going is a less frequent social, with the choice of movie often predetermined.
  4. In a context of proliferating content, tools are needed to simplify consumer choice.
  5. There is a difference between perceptions of the French-language and English-language Canadian industries.
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