Program for Racialized Communities

The Program for Racialized Communities (PRC) recognizes the historic barriers members of racialized communities face and is designed to support the growth of English- and French language audiovisual production from production companies owned and controlled by Black people and people of colour.

The Program for Racialized Communities’ Development and Predevelopment allocations are found on the Development and Predevelopment Funding page.

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Dates to remember

Program for Racialized Communities: Production


Opening Date
May 21, 2024
Closing Date
June 6, 2024


Please be sure to review the Guidelines for full details.


Click here or email to learn more about the CMF’s specific resources for persons with disabilities that need Accessibility Support to apply for CMF funding.

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Interim Financing

Applicants may choose to opt for interim financing, which involves assigning payments under the financing agreement to a bank as security. If you intend to access interim financing, complete the Notice and Direction form and forward it to your business analyst. If you are in Quebec, you will also have to forward a copy of the hypothec to your business analyst.

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